Transeuropa Open London

Divided Britain, Divided Europe: How Do We Build a Vision of Hope?

London School Economics, Clement House

14:00 - 18:00

Transeuropa Open London presents an afternoon of art, politics and spoken word. Join us to discuss how we overcome the divisions of our fractured societies and build hope in a better future.
– Brexit revealed the scale of the divisions in British society. In many states across Europe the same divisions persist. How can we overcome them?
– How do we protect the rights of non-UK EU citizens in Britain and UK citizens in Europe? How do we build a progressive and internationalist vision of migration for all global citizens?
– What is our alternative vision for Europe today?

Prospective program:

14:00 Registration and exhibit of art pieces

14:30 Panel discussion

16:30 Intersperse poetry and artistic commentary with the speakers

18:00 Drinks