Transeuropa Open Lousame

Common Land and Emancipatory Rural Politics in a transborder perspective

Aula da Natureza de Lousame, Froxán Common Woodlands, Galicia

21st OCTOBER, 10:30 - 19:00

Transeuropa Open Lousame will gravitate around Common Land and Emancipatory Rural Politics in a transborder perspective. The festival will take place in the Froxán Common Woodlands, recently recognized by the UN Registry of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas ( The program is made up of traditional “happenings” such as the “roga” (communal work), “alvaroque” (communal meal), “magosto” (October chestnut roast gatherings) and “foliada” (communal musicking) to bring folk together and discuss current challenges such as rural depopulation, environmental destruction and extractivism, and grass-roots resistance through common land structures in a full day, open to kids, families, fairies (“mouras”), hobgoblins (“trasnos”) and the like.

Prospective program: 
10:30-13:00 “Roga”, collective environmental restoration work to be carried out by participants in the surroundings of the Nature Classroom (Aula da Natureza) and adjacent areas degraded by mining activities. Will include animation for kids and activities for families, including a tree plantation.

13:00-16:00 “Alvaroque”, collective meal to celebrate the “roga”, including a “magosto” (chestnut roast), with free wine and chestnuts for all. Bring other food or drinks from home. Music (“foliada”) cannot be missing!

16:00-19:00 Communal discussion and workshop: Emancipatory Rural Politics and Common Land Management (details to be announced)