Transeuropa Open Turku


Multiple locations: University of Turku, Turku City Library, University Theatre

10:00 - 21:00

The event explores various facets of imagining, narrating and physically manifesting ‘the Other’ in contemporary European context. By the use of different community arts tools we invite our audience to challenge the topics of social injustice and inequality in everyday narratives and practices and encourage them to rewrite, reconstruct and finally to draw the concrete plans for transformations and changes in a form of live community dialogue.

Prospective program:
10:00-13.00 »Imaginary Other«, workshop (University of Turku)

15:00 »Imagining, Narrating, Embodiying the Other«, round table (Turku CityLibrary/Kirjakahvila)

16:00 »Poetic Dialogues«, poets in exile in talk with locals (Turku City Library/Kirjakahvila)

18:00 »Louders Unheard« and interactive text game »Today I am«, exhibition opening

18:30 »Chasing White«, performance (University Theatre)

20:00 »War, displacement and resettlement«, movie projection & disscussion (UniversityTheatre)

21.30 Reception with snacks and drinks