Top Manta – struggle and activism of the street vendors in Spain

La Ingobernable - Room 2.5

Thursday 26th Oct. 10:00 - 12:00

Sindicato de Manteros y Lateros de Madrid

Sindicato de Manteros y Lateros de Madrid

This workshop proposes a space for reflection on the struggle of the groups of “Manteros” and other street vendors in Spain, who are in almost all cases migrants without documentation. The starting point of the workshop are the activities of the self-managed associations and unions of street vendors founded in Spain during the last months. The objective is to jointly develop strategies for how to collaborate and how to support these and similar groups. The workshop will be led by the members of the “Sindicato de Manteros y Lateros de Madrid“.

The workshop will be in Spanish with a self organized English translation.

The “Sindicato de Manteros y Lateros de Madrid“ is a self-organized group of street vendors working together since 2016. Their aim is to find strategies to fight collectively against the institutional racism. They are regularly organizing meetings, demonstrations, roundtables and workshops.