Data analysis and visualisation

MediaLab Prado

Thursday 26th Oct. 10 - 14.30

Adolfo Anton Bravo

Adolfo Anton Bravo

Data literacy workshop driven by open and free software tools to get free knowledge. Data Visualisation is a transversal discipline which harnesses the immense power of visual communication in order to explain, in an understandable manner, the relationships of meaning, cause and dependency which can be found among the great abstract masses of information generated by scientific and social processes. Data literacy is the ability to read, create and communicate data as information and has been formally described in varying ways. Discussion of the skills inherent to data literacy and possible instructional methods have emerged as data collection becomes routinised and talk of data analysis and big data has become commonplace in the news, business, government and society in countries across the world. A data-scientific view emphasises the numeric, statistical nature of data as information, including “… understanding what data mean, including how to read graphs and charts appropriately, draw correct conclusions from data, and recognise when data are being used in misleading or inappropriate ways.” Our approach is based in improving the foundations of managing data driven by free and open source technologies: the command line, the text editor,standardised syntaxis and web technologies.

Adolfo Antón Bravo (@adolflow) holds a doctorate in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he has written his thesis on Semantic Web Technologies. President of Open Knowledge España and publisher of (@infotics), he coordinates since 2014 the activities of the Medialab-Prado Data Journalism working group and the Data Journalism Conferences. He has worked and works as a designer, journalist, trainer and is passionate about Free Software and open knowledge.